Diane A. Tennies, PhD, LADC has a state-wide private practice as a psychologist specializing in forensic evaluations and consultation in a variety of settings including in both civil and criminal courts. Since being licensed in 1998, she has evaluated hundreds of individuals and been qualified as an expert witness in District, Superior, and Probate Courts in Maine as well as Federal District Court for the State of Maine. She has been a rostered Guardian ad Litem in Maine since 1999.

Dr. Tennies conducts forensic evaluations including:

  • Evaluations of criminal defendants regarding adjudicative competence, criminal responsibility, and sentencing mitigation
  • Evaluations regarding family dynamics, such as alignment and alienation
  • Evaluations in civil matters regarding impact of trauma and other events on functioning/employability
  • Risk Assessments for violence recidivism or sexual offending in adolescents and adults
  • Risk Assessments for substance use
  • Risk Assessments for domestic violence/intimate partner violence
  • Risk Assessments of Child maltreatment risk
  • Eligibility evaluations for Developmental Disability Services, including identification of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder
  • Parental capacity evaluations in child protective and family matters
  • Guardianship Evaluations/Completion of PP-505 Form

Dr. Tennies works with other professionals, including attorneys regarding:

  • Analysis of forensic interviews as they conform to known empirical standards
  • Trial testimony as an expert witness
  • Consulting expert during litigation
  • Consultation regarding child development, access schedules, relocation, family dynamics and empirically-based interventions
  • Consultation and review of psychological evaluation reports in custody litigation, child abuse, family matters and other types of litigation

Dr. Tennies conducts trainings on an array of topics including:

  • Conducting psychological evaluations in different contexts
  • Child maltreatment
  • Chronic conflict and co-parenting dynamics
  • Risk/threat assessments
  • Parental alienation/enmeshment/alignment
  • Ethics for mental health professionals
  • Impact of mental health/illness (including personality disorders) on parenting
  • Vicarious trauma

Dr. Tennies is licensed as a psychologist and alcohol and drug counselor in Maine. She has been a rostered Guardian ad Litem since 1999 and has extensive experience with chronic conflict family matters. She is the vice-chair of the Guardian ad Litem Review Board and also serves as an expert witness in various capacities. She conducts trainings for psychologists as well as other mental health and legal professionals. She is a past-president of the Maine Psychological Association and presently the chair of their Legislative Committee. Dr. Tennies has a subcontract through the Department of Labor to provide consultation for Job Corps’ Health and Wellness Departments and their drug and alcohol program (called the Trainee and Employee Assistant Program) through a subcontract with Humanitas, Inc. in Silver Spring Maryland.

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